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Parish Church of St. Vitus
A-3500 Krems an der Donau - Austria

The Pfarrkirche St. Veit, dating from 1630, is amongst Austria’s earliest baroque churches and was designed by Cypriano Bisaino. The building’s earliest part is the lower part of the Gothic tower, dating from the 13th century. The interior has a...
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Attractions near Parish Church of St. Vitus
A selection of attractions close to Parish Church of St. Vitus:
Landesmuseum Joanneum  (16.1 Miles)
This vast collection was bequeathed to the public in 1811 by Archduke Johann. The museum is housed in two separate buildings and consists of a...
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Schlossberg Cave Railway  (16.4 Miles)
This 2km underground amusement ride is a great family activity, particularly for those with young kids. The miniature railway is housed in the Schlossberg tunnel...
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Graz Clock Tower  (16.4 Miles)
The 16th century ‘Uhrturm’, or clock tower, is only one of two features which still exist from the destruction of the city’s defences following the...
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Maria Theresa Monument  (76.4 Miles)
Staring out onto Neuer Platz, this monument was the first to be dedicated to the Empress Maria Theresia, Queen of the Hapsburg Austria Empire who...
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Dragon Fountain  (76.4 Miles)
This statue of the mythical ‘Lindwurm’, a large serpent-like dragon from European folklore, was created in the 16th century by Ulrich Vogelsang. The sculpture represents...
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Diocesan Museum  (76.4 Miles)
This often overlooked museum is small but contains an astonishing display of religious art. Sculpture, tapestries, jewellery, artwork, and stained glass ranging from the 12th...
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Water Museum  (84.1 Miles)
Before the last quarter of the 19th century, Vienna did not have a reliable and safe supply of water. The council decided in 1864 to...
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Wittgenstein Exhibition  (85.9 Miles)
Kirchberg’s municipal offices house a permanent exhibition devoted to the famous philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who was a public school teacher here, and in neighbouring Trattenbach,...
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Hermannshöhle  (85.9 Miles)
The 740 metre high Eulenberg, also known as the Eigenberg in former times, in which the Hermannshöhle can be found, is north west of Kirchberg....
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Lenten Cloth  (85.9 Miles)
Lenten cloths (Fastentuch) once covered most crucifixes and altars in Austrian Catholic churches in the weeks leading up to Easter. They were painted with scenes...
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Wolfgang Church  (85.9 Miles)
The Wolfsgangkirche on the Lienberg, which overlooks Kirchberg, was built around 1400 for the aristocrat Ortolph of Ofenpeck. His statue, and that of his sons,...
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Automobile Museum  (86.9 Miles)
In the 2,500 square metre automobile museum of Aspang am Wechsel you will find more than 120 vehicles built between the years 1888 to 1972....
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Church of Christ the King  (88.3 Miles)
At one time the parish church of Gloggnitz was the castle church but by the middle of the 19th century it had proved itself to...
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Gloggnitz Castle  (88.3 Miles)
Schloss Gloggnitz, overlooking the town, was once a Benedictine monastery and dates from the early 11th century, although it was subsequently remodelled in the Baroque...
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Abbey Church  (88.3 Miles)
The former abbey church of Gloggnitz, which is dedicated to Maria Schnee and St. Oswald, can be found in the castle grounds. The oldest part...
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Renner Villa  (88.3 Miles)
The Renner-Villa is a museum for contemporary history based in the former home of Dr. Karl Renner, the politician, scholar and sociologist. He was also...
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Mining Museum  (88.3 Miles)
Gloggnitz’s Bergbau- und Heimatmuseum has twenty rooms devoted to the history of mining in the area. Austria has a long history of minerals exploration and...
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Stuppach Castle  (88.3 Miles)
Schloss Stuppach was the home of the Counts of Wurmbrand-Stuppach and probably dates from about 1130. The three storey building belongs to many different building...
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Church of St. Florian  (88.3 Miles)
The Filialkirche Stuppach can be found in Stuppach castle. The original chapel dated from the Renaissance but was destroyed in a disastrous fire after the...
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Evangelical Church  (88.3 Miles)
The Evangelische Dreieinigkeitskirche is a modern church designed by the Viennese architect Rudolf Angelides, a pupil of the famous Professor Holzmeister. It was built in...
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